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Table attributes

You determine two attributes that will be displayed as a table, the customer chose a value that represents the combination of the two attributes.

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To familiarize yourself with what is done on the web, you have visited several sites in the same field as yours, and you have realized that all had a common point, and not a good point, the visual bland and standardized that everyone uses, either for lack of means or lack of creativity, and suddenly you say that customers always see the same thing, and that their choice is therefore only on the prices.

So you are tired of the simple but not very exciting display of Prestashop, this technique will allow you on one hand to revive the interest of visitors to your site compared to competitors, which can cause a purchase even if your rates are a little above those practiced in the area, but you can also look to put important information more visible and especially to distinguish yourself from the competition by adding a more ergonomic and fun display for you customers.

Simplify the display of some attributes and make understanding of these simplest to your customers is exactly what provides the attribute display in a table module.

At a glance, the prices of both attributes are visible to the customer and his choice is simplified, no need to go through the different attribute values to get a purchase price.

This module allows to define two attributes that will be displayed as a table.

The first attribute (the one displayed in columns) can be a delay attribute for delivery for example in this case you can determine the days to be taken into account for the calculation of delivery time, public holidays are automa
tically taken into account.

The module is fully skinnable.

Links to download the documentations of the module are available at the bottom of the page.

Prestashop compatible versions

1.6 & 1.7

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Documentation in French of AIT

Documentation in French of the AI-table module

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Documentation in English of AIT

Documentation of the AI-table module

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Changelog in French of AIT

Changelog in French of the AI-table module

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Changelog in English of AIT

Changelog in English of the AI-table module

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