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Attributes as images

This Prestashop module allows you to define an attribute that will be displayed as images / text, and if necessary a sub attribute in the same format.

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How about differentiating yourself from your competitors by breaking the simple and not so sexy visual codes of default products display of Prestashop?

Want to give your customers visuals to get a better idea of what they buy, the impact of images on some purchases may be more important than anything else, in the case of complex products for people Although they may not be familiar with the usual vocabulary, showing them images may be more understandable, so that they will be more easily aware of it and will naturally be forced to buy more.

The visual impact in some cases may significantly change the interest of your customers for your products, and especially your site will be more fun than those of your competitors, so your customers will stay longer and buy potentially more.

You want to stand out, show some attributes as images, this module lets you define an attribute and a sub attribute (dependent on the first) that can be displayed as pictures, if necessary an additional explanation in text form can be added.

The pictures of the main attribute are displayed directly on the product page.

If an attribute value has sub values associated (your product has the attribute and the sub attribute), when the customer clicks on the picture of that value, the sub values are displayed in a fancy box to make final product choice.

The module is fully skinnable.

Links to download the documentations of the module are available at the bottom of the page.

Prestashop compatible versions

1.5 & 1.6

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Documentation in French of AIP

Documentation in French of the AI-pictures module

Download (436.17k)

Documentation in English of AIP

Documentation of the AI-pictures module

Download (423.03k)

Changelog in French of AIP

Changelog in French of the AI-pictures module

Download (37.01k)

Changelog in English of AIP

Changelog in English of the AI-pictures module

Download (37.65k)