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Prestashop module that allows product combinations generation without limitation.

This Prestashop module allows to optimize the management of combinations generator and use a partial loading of combinations when viewing a product to improve page load time.

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The biggest problem of Prestashop sites containing many combinations and a significant penalty because of the loading of the products pages which can be very long because of a weight of data too important, it is even possible that the customers leave without having seen the less information, it is estimated that if nothing is displayed after 3 seconds, the majority of customers leave the site, more annoying, when search engines browse your site, too long lead to a penalty of pages repressing these last beyond the first page to see further, while we know that a good number of people do not go beyond the fifth result, which is half of the first page.

This problem will finally be a thing of the past thanks to the optimized combinations module.

This module allows to set the number of combinations to load in the product display and optimize combinations generator of PrestaShop and raises the limit to about 3000 maximum combinations.

The display of combinations in administration is also cut with a pagination to improve its loading time.

On the product page, only some of the existing combinations is loaded on the product page display, thus reducing at the maximum its duration.

When a customer changes an attribute, if the resulting combination is not loaded, the module do it and displayed the right informations.

Be carreful! The module can work correctly if combinations have been generated via the Prestashop generator.

Links to download the documentations of the module are available at the bottom of the page.

Prestashop compatible versions

1.5 & 1.6

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Documentation in French of AIOC

Documentation in French of the AI Optimized combinations module

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Documentation in English of AIOC

Documentation of the AI Optimized combinations

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Changelog in French of AIOC

Changelog in French of the AI Optimized combinations

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Changelog in English of AIOC

Changelog in English of the AI Optimized combinations

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