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Prestashop module that generate product combinations on fly.

This Prestashop module allows to optimize the management of combinatons of your products by generating only the simple ones (only 1 attribute) and generating real combinations only on demand.

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With the combinations on fly module, you will amazingly accelerate the product page loading, it's an unlimitated product combinations generator.

The most detrimental to shop is the number of combinations for a product, the generator that can not accept the generation of all combinations if they are too numerous, the second point is even more penalizing on products pages loading, because PrestaShop load all existing combinations, which can, in some cases, lead to unacceptable page display times for customers and especially they will be penalized by Google algorithms, and lead to the fall of your pages rank in searchs.

The combinations on the fly module allows to generate only simple combinations (only 1 attribute), which reduces their generation time and no longer a problem even if you have a lot of attribute values.

On the product, only the existing combinations are loaded on page display, allowing to minimize its duration.

You will be able to generate unlimited combinations with the Prestashop generator.

When a customer changes an attribute, if the resulting combination does not exist, the module create and load it.

There is a system to remove the generated combinations in order not to overload the server, the combinations being obsolete after order, so your pages will be lighter than ever and your server will gain speed.

The installation of the module on the site of a customer made it possible to divide the time of display by 3 and the weight of the page by 4.

Links to download the documentations of the module are available at the bottom of the page.

Prestashop compatible version

1.5 & 1.6

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Documentation in French of AICOF

Documentation in French of the AI Combinationsonfly module

Download (277.66k)

Documentation of AICOF

Documentation in English of the AI Combinationsonfly module

Download (228.8k)

Changelog in French of AICOF

Changelog in French of the AI Combinationsonfly Module

Download (276.71k)

Changelog in English of AICOF

Changelog in English of the AI Combinationsonfly

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