Checks letters printing


Software for printing checks of letters from a customer base in the CSV file. Layout in pixels, ability to add additional fields.

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This software makes it possible to print check letters from a customer base in CSV, simplifying the generation of these documents.

The software adapts itself to any layer thanks to its positioning system of fields in drag and drop authorizing the modification of the coordinates to the pixel by viewing the result directly on the interface, thus making it possible not to have to make print tests with each change since you can place an image of the target document to locate the locations of the different fields.

At the configuration level, it is possible to define a header text, a content part, as well as the place, date, defined separator data used in the CSV file, to add the protection of the amounts , using a # for example, or to define the size of the font used.

Of course you can define the logo to use and place it, same thing for the handwritten signature that can be scanned to be printed on the document, finally if necessary you can choose an image for the check, of course if this information is already present on your sheets to print, it is not necessary to use them, in this case, leave the fields empty.

The structure of the input file is in the data's directory.

Several parameters can be set.

Be carefull ! The .NET FRAMWORK 3.5 is required to operate the software.