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This module allows to get money from product customization fields depending on the length of the value input by the customer.

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You have custom fields in your shop and you would like some of them to be invoiced, in the case for example of an engraving, you want to invoice the latter according to the number of letter of the text that entered the customer? Prestashop does not natively do what you want, you have to weight up your products by adding combinations and hoping that the customer is not mistaken between the number of letters contained in the text entered and the choice of the number of letters in the combination he selected.

The product customization via text fields offered in the product allow you to allow your customers to send you a special data, but you can not make money with this data with this system that is confined to collect data and include them in the cart and other documents, which allows you to have access to this data but nothing to draw from it in the case where it serves you to carry out a task for which a price is necessary, if we take for example the case of an engraving, where the name for example is necessary and for which you would charge each letter.

The price customization module allows you to fill in the gap by allowing you to set the amount to be added for each letter entered by the customer, including or not spaces, fields customizable fields that can have its own rate, you get paid customization of your products according to your production costs, allowing you to adjust the price according to information entered by the customer, which is a more logical system than setting a price for the product without paying for this customization.

You can add spaces in the string to calculate final price or not.

Thus each personalization fields can be assigned a tariff, the latter being added to the final price.

Links to download the documentations of the module are available at the bottom of the page.

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Documentation in French of AICF

Documentation in French of the customization fee module

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Documentation in English of the customization fee module

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Changelog in French of AICF

Changelog in French of the customization fee module

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Changelog in English of AICF

Changelog in English of the customization fee module

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