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This module allows you to display the explanation of an attribute when the mouse is moved over the icon of the module.

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One thing is very important about an online store is the understanding of the products that are on sale, if the customer does not understand what he sees or he does not have enough information, he will not buy, and prefer to go to another shop where more specific explanations will be provided, have you ever bought a product you did not know well without having enough information? This risk few people are willing to do, even if the mail order allows return is often tedious and at the expense of the customer.

For the description of the products, it is simple, there is a field of description which makes it possible to explain in detail what the product is and how to use it, the images allow in most cases to finish reassuring the customer on the merits of the purchase, what about the attributes ?

But in some cases it happens that the products have some of their attributes that are complex or that require additional explanation, all of which lead to products that are very specific and for which the slightest error could be fatal, in this case, difficult to put everything in the description of the product, and especially the information is not contextual, the risk of misunderstanding of the customer is important, why not add a text concerning them in front of each of them, allowing a description of the attribute.

The attribute explanation module defines an explanation for all attributes in different languages to facilitate understanding of these for your customers.

A CMS article can be used for more complex display.

If explanation exists, an icon is added to the attribute name, when the mouse passes over it, the explanation is displayed.

The icon, placement and color can be easily modified via CSS and image.

Links to download the documentations of the module are available at the bottom of the page.

Prestashop compatible versions

1.4, 1.5 & 1.6

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Documentation in French of AIE

Documentation in French of the AI-explanations module

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Documentation in English of AIE

Documentation of the AI-explanations module

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Changelog in French of AIE

Changelog in French of the AI explanations module

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Changelog in English of AIE

Changelog in English of the AI explanations module

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