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This prestashop module to quickly update your products combinations pictures.

Speed up the update of your products combinations pictures for Prestashop, do it without the need to update each combination.

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You have a lot of combinations in your products and also a lot of images, these ones must obviously be associated with combinations in very different ways, then the problem occurs, how to be able to affect the different images to different combinations without losing valuable time that moreover does not bring a big value add to the shop?

The combination pictures update may be a time consuming and tedious task if they are many ones and they require specific images, the module allows to quickly modify combinations pictures, especially by avoiding the mistakes that can make people who enter the changes, and most importantly, we will come back later, saving a lot of time to achieve this task without any added value for your shop.

The combinations pictures update module reduces the time required for this task by linking all the images at once.

During a test on a shop that have lots of products containing 200 combinations each containing 4 images from a set of 13 (3 for each color and 1 common), the update time of these pictures passed from more than an hour for the manual operation to less than 5 minutes, this demonstrate that the module allows to gain 1200% of the time, think about it when you know that the shop has 50 products, and the most important, no error must be set by the module.

Modifying your declination images has never been quicker than with this module, which allows you to install several update systems, one or more of which will allow you to save precious time.

Links to download the documentations of the module are available at the bottom of the page.

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Documentation in French of AIPU

Documentation in French of the AI-pictures update module

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Documentation in English of AIPU

Documentation in English of the AI-pictures update module

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Changelog in French of AIPU

Changelog in French of the AI pictures update module

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Changelog in English of AIPU

Changelog in English of the AI pictures update module

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