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This module allows you to bring your shop into compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation also called GDPR.

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Since 25 May 2018, the European Parliament has put in place a new General Data Protection Regulation, the purpose of the GDPR is to give customers a better view of the use of their data than the entities with which they are related.

From this date, the customer must be able to obtain all of his data or delete his account on a platform, but companies must also implement new policies for securing customer data to make them unusable in case of server hacking, but it must also be able to refuse the use of cookies that are not strictly necessary for the use of the shop, more and more shops use links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or others and all these contents collect data about your customers, it is essential to allow them to refuse these scripts and set up a deactivation of these modules if necessary.

It is of course necessary to modify your general conditions of sale and other legal notices to indicate to the customer what data are collected and for what purpose.

The ai-rgpd module allows you to best meet your obligations, in perpetual evolution to follow the changes of this regulation, the proposed features are not exhaustive.

As it stands, the module offers several options that can be activated or not:

  • Encryption of customer data to enhance the security of the latter (only module on the market to offer it)
  • The possibility given to the customer to delete his account
  • The possibility given to the customer to be able to obtain his data in CSV format
  • The possibility given to the customer to refuse the use of external cookies

As the module is far from complete, the duration to obtain free updates is exceptionally 3 months instead of 2

If you want to add features, fell free to contact us.

Compatible Prestashop versions

1.6 & 1.7

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AIRGPD documentation in French

Documentation in French of the AI-RGPD module

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AIRGPD documentation in English

Documentation of the AI-RGPD module

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Changelog in French of AIRGPD

Changelog in French of the AI RGPD module

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Changelog in English of AIRGPD

Changelog in English of the AI RGPD module

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