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Optimization and securization

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This module allows you to secure and optimize your shop, the goal being to improve dareboost and gtmetrics scores as well as SEO in search engines.

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Today, the biggest concerns of online shop managers are on the one hand security, we see it every day in newspapers and on the internet, security has become a crucial issue, and even if as I say regularly, we rarely have a site as sensitive as Amazon or Google, the least flaw can be problematic and jeopardize the very existence of the company, the other is the SEO and consequently the speed of loading of the shop as well as the respect of the good practices so that the search engines like your site.

To allow you to take an important first step in the right direction, the ai-optimizer module allows you to add informations to your pages that allow your shop to be more secure, to display more quickly and optimally the pages.

This module allows among other things to guard against various attacks that can be brought against your shop, XSS, MIME Sniffing, code injection, it allows to activate the HSTS to limit calls to https, define a content security policy called CSP.

It also allows to use the lazy loading system, in this case the images are loaded only when they are contained in the screen, if your page is longer than the screen display, only the visible images are loaded, the others will be loaded during the scrolling of the zone, allowing to greatly reduce the loading time of your page.

The exchanges with the social networks are not forgotten then that the module also makes it possible to add all the necessary tags to the recognition of contents of your pages by the social networks.

Last, the module allows to activate the scripts compression, this action also reduces the size of data transferred from the server and thus reduce the display time, as well as define a cache policy for different types files, thus lightening the weight of the pages even further.

Dareboost test url, before setting up the module the score was 73

Prestashop compatible Versions

1.6 & 1.7

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Documentation in French of AIO

Documentation in French of the AI-optimizer module

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Documentation in English of AIO

Documentation of the AI-optimizer module

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Changelog in French of AIO

Changelog in French of the AI optimizer module

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Changelog in English of AIO

Changelog in English of the AI optimizer module

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